About Us


Our farm is Glenwillow and it’s been owned by this family since 1944, and cows have always been milked here. We supply Fonterra with milk all year round and we have a Spring and Autumn calving. Our farm is on the Timaru Town boundary and we milk at peak about 220 cows. We were looking at ways to be more productive without getting more cows and locals have always wanted fresh milk and this got us thinking about the value add we could create by selling milk here on the farm and this was basically how Real Milk Timaru came about.

So about 6 years ago we went ahead and got a milk dispenser and bottle dispenser and set up a shop alongside our dairy shed. There is a small herd of cows which supply the shop milk and they are milked once a day, this milk is what people wanted who are aware of the unique choice of unpastuerised and non homogenised milk which has had no processing which means it’s as nature intended us to drink it. The fact that the milk comes in a glass reuseable bottle also ticks boxes. We also deliver milk locally 3 nights a week for customers who enjoy the convenience of this service. Customers can watch the cows being milked through the viewing window in the shop and there is often calves to go and see in the nearby pens which is popular with the young children   

Stu & Andrea Weir
Stu and Andrea Weir